Friday, November 8, 2013


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Reflections is a little accidental experiment that came about when I moved to Christiansted, Saint Croix, United States Virgin Islands. During the day I would work at The Buccaneer Resort, and during the night I would hang out on the boardwalk at Christiansted, watching the drunken fun at the Brew Pub or Rum Runners.

As I had no friends when I moved there, I quickly picked up several... But, being the quiet person that I am, I would usually sit alone at one of the spare tables at Pleasant's Bar or Stixx and just let the action ooze around me.

Reflections grew out of watching people behave like idiots. And the more and more that I watched them, the more and more I realized that something could come of their actions, and me reporting on them. Thus, a collection turned into a book. It became habit and I have even more of them to date and am thinking about making another book.

All works here are written, composed, arranged and copyrighted by me in 2005. If I have taken a well known adage and twisted it, then it should be easily recognizable. If it resembles yours, please email me at with your date of composure and we will see if we can work something out. If you want to use one, you may do so only with my expressed permission. Again, you can email me at and we can draw up a contract.


-Pauly Hart
Nov 8, 2013