Friday, March 16, 2012


Reflections: A daily guide to wiser living
© Pauly Hart


1) Only the presence of a larger threat can stop the cats from fighting.

2) A fickle employer never yields a just paycheck.

3) Your presence in a shady business deal never leaves more light than it takes.

4) Those who roam the night all have sin in common.

5) The presence of alcohol leads to much raucous behavior.

6) Danger on the outside often brings out our insides.

7) Foresight is never a blessing when it drags regret behind.

8) A carpet with a wrinkle has defeated its own purpose.

9) Never stir a bees nest without a direct plan of escape.

10) Never read more than you can act upon.

11) Television is a perfect medium, if waste is your pastime.

12) Living off of previously digested truths alone is like drinking urine.

13) Finding truth in a song without personal reflection shoots the artist in the foot.

14) Practical application without prior planning is a syncope of wisdom.

15) Like termites eat wood, a man with non-productive hobbies devours his own life.

16) Time well managed is time aptly gained.

17) Both cop and robber have a relation with the victim.

18) Entertainment is reasonable, but not at the expense of your morals.

19) Spitting and cussing are often called for, but best hidden.

20) A door without a handle is just another wall.

21) Wisdom says to oil all the wheels before they begin to squeak.

22) Hiring people smarter than you is practical only if you plan to succeed.

23) Dogs and humans often wander in search of something to serve.

24) A book unread should at least lend itself in practicality in helping feed a fire.

25) Sex is a weapon.

26) Any relationship forged out of drunkenness, evaporates with the morning.

27) "Round Two" is rarely a neutral statement.

28) There is no one smarter than he who loves openly.

29) Rolling stones cannot roll forever.

30) Entering a dark room without announcing yourself is folly.

31) The only time to change is now.


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